Independent Industry Validation Service for the CHC08 - Community Services Training Package


Succeed provides a service to validate your training and assessment strategy and assessment materials for qualifications in the CHC08 - Community Services Training Package.  We strongly believe that validation can only be undertaken by industry professionals who have a deep understanding of the subject matter.


To assist RTOs to comply with the requirement to systematically validate their assessments industry professionals (minimum 3) will provide validation reports that are comprehensive and assist you to improve the compliance and quality of your assessment practices and provide excellent evidence of your validation activity during an audit.

Succeed will undertake a thorough validation of your assessment materials and provide you a report identifying the level of compliance and opportunities for improvement. Your assessment materials will be validated against:

What we provide you: Comprehensive validation report, mapping of current assessment, proposed action list and opportunities for improvement. However,if you prefer, we will just fix it.


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