You couldn't be  in better hands



Succeed- seeking to create exemplary practice.  Our Registered Nurses, LLN Specialists, Teachers and Accountants are subject matter experts, with post graduate qualifications and extensive training experience.  

We understand that education and training is an imperative part of professionalism and development. We have a deep understanding of: 

  • The aged care, disability, Home and Community care (HACC) and nursing sector
  • Childrens services and LLN
  • Business
  • Counselling and Community Services
  • Awareness of what trainers and assessors actually do
  • Different learning styles -how people learn and what trainers and course developers are required to do to encourage effective learning
  • how to develop and deliver competency based training
  • the pivotal role of assessment in the learning process  
  • Student expectations
  • RPL
  • ASQA compliance


Customised education materials and assessment tools

Where is the evidence that generic education materials and assessment tools are relevant, adds to knowledge and most importantly can be used to improve learning outcomes? We provide you with validation! We design for quality outcomes that consider your training and assessment strategy.

SNR15.5 requires an organisation to have quality assessment tools. This is one standard where many RTOs are found non-compliant at audit.






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